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Check out our planting packages!

It's the perfect time to start planting your seeds, so we have prepared the perfect package for you, so all you need to do is get planting!

It includes a windowsill propagator set, 3 seeds, seed and cutting compost and a pack of 12 fibre root pots!

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Our August gardening guide!

A lot of perennials finish flowering this month, you will still have the joys of beautiful wildlife in your gardens such as butterflies and busy bees! It's still a fantastic time to spend in the garden if the weather allows it!

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UpCountry Fresh

We take great pride in our farm shop so we make sure it's always up to its best standards, fully stocked with all your favorite local produce!

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Caring for your Roses!

Roses are arguably one of the most popular flowers, loved by everyone globally. The rose has established itself...

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Keeping your pet cool this summer!

As it gets warmer, it's important to remember that your pet can overheat as much as we can, so it's vital to take precautions and make sure they stay hydrated and as cool as possible!

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Say BYE to fleas this Summer!

Protect your animals and house from fleas this Summer! The rise in temperature comes with a slight downside, an increase in flea infestations...

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