So that was a hot one by anyone's standards! The hottest days on record and the driest since 1976 mean that our Summer bedding plants are looking a bit sorry for themselves now. Now is the perfect time to switch them out for some vibrant Autumn colour. These plants bridge the gap between Summer and Winter and give your garden a welcome boost of colour as it shuts down for the cooler months of the year. So what can you choose from? 


Chrysanthemums are my favourite Autumn bedding plants with their showy blooms in colours ranging from the purest of white right through Yellows, oranges , pinks and reds to the darkest of maroons. Generally grown as a neat cushion, these perennial performers will last right through until the first frosts. Great for the centre of a pot or planted directly in your borders in a nice sunny spot. 

Asters are another top seller with their vibrant flowers in shades of blue, purple and pink ,as well as white, they will bloom in your garden year after year. They also enjoy a sunny spot in your garden. 

Cyclamen bring delicate, often scented blooms to your Autumn garden. Available in shades of pink, white and red, they will flower through the first frosts, often up to Christmas. Ideal for a pot next to your front door or a hanging basket. 

Dianthus are another Autumn bedding favourite that give you colour and scent throughout the darker months up to Christmas. Again, perfect for a container by your front door where you can really enjoy the fragrance every time you, or your guests, pass by. 

Evergreens such as trailing ivy or conifers, such as Cupressus ‘Goldcrest’, are invaluable for providing a foil for your flowering plants. 

Grab a pot and plant a Goldcrest conifer in the centre, surrounded by some scented Cyclamen and a few ivy trailing over the edge and you have a perfect planted pot for Autumn. Or play it simple and just go for a magnificent ball Chrysanthemum on its own as star of the show. The choice is yours!