Wisteria truly are the royalty among the climbing plant community.
A pergola draped with the scented blooms of a classic lilac Wisteria is one of the archetypal images of a traditional English garden and yet these stunning climbers have their roots in the pacific region, originating from Japan and North America.

Available in white, pink and shades of lilac from light to almost black, no garden should be without one. Perfect for scrambling up wires against your house or garage, or trained along a fence or pergola.

Their pendant blooms start to blossom from early April until the end of May, depending on how Sunny their position is.

They don't mind what type of soil they grow in, but if you have heavy clay, it's a good idea to dig plenty of planting compost into the hole to help break up the clay a little.

If you haven't got space for a climber, they also come as a trained mini standard, (think of a lollipop-shaped mini tree) about 1.2m (4ft) tall which are ideal for planting in pots.

Put them in a nice sunny spot to get the best blooms, though they will tolerate half a day's shade if you haven't got a full sun position. Keep them well watered in the first year after planting, give them a feed after flowering each year with some fish. blood and bone, then sit back and enjoy the fragrant blooms of this most regal of climbers for years to com