The first use of lavender-  is for insomnia

We are sure you have probably heard of this before, lavender flowers scent is supposed to be super relaxing and people tend to have this in their bedrooms to help them get a better night sleep. People have also said due to the aromatherapy it produces, they have woken up calmer and more refreshend in the morning!

Hair loss

People have said you can use lavender oil to help with hair loss or patches of hair to help hair groth, it is found to stimulate the growth.

There was a study which took place just over 20 years ago which states by massaging an essential oil blend of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood in a mixture of carrier oils into their scalp daily for seven months, they seemed to see results due to lavender oil!


The smoothness of lavender is also known to relieve head pain such as migraines or headaches, the best way to utilise this is by lavender oil! Try smelling it off a TISSUE FOR 15-20 minutes! 


If you didnt know acne can kill bacteria, so it can be used as a more gentle product to help clear up skin blemishes or conditions. Its a natural remedy and includes no chemicals. Alongside lavender why not use aloe vera gel as this is also a great natural curer!


Not only can it help cure a burn, but also it can preevt your burn and or wound from getting infected! 

-We have a variety of lavenders here in stock including;

French Lavender- Fathead 

Lavandula- Regal Splendour                     

Lavender Fairy Wings Purple

Lavender- Vera

Lavender- Miss Dawnderr