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Sometimes its difficult to know where to start when it comes deciding what plants will be most suited to your garden or outdoor space. Knowing what will grow or will work most effectively in your garden can be a mind boggling exercise, for example certain plants may grow better in shadier gardens where as others might need to be south facing.

Not to worry! Our free plant consultation will provide you with a friendly gardening expert who'll spend half an hour with you face to face getting to know about you and your gardening needs, so they can suggest plants & shrubs which will flourish and help you maximise the potential of your outside space. Consultations are entirely free and available at both our garden centres


How Does Our Consulation Work?


1. Book your slot

Book your slot at a convenient time using our online booking system.


2. Fill in your pre-consultation questionairre

We'll send you a few questions prior to your appointment to help give us a clearer picture of your needs before meeting you.


3. Attend your appointment - FREE tea & coffee

Our consultation will only take half an hour. You can enjoy a hot drink whilst whilst chatting with one of our experts about ways to improve your garden.