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Pumpkin Patch

Located on our charming premises, our pumpkin patch is something you simply cannot miss. As soon as you step foot through the entrance, you will be transported into a world of autumnal magic.

Discover rows upon rows of pumpkins which will be artfully displayed on top of rustic hay bales. We are proud to offer an extensive selection of pumpkins in different sizes and colours, ensuring that every customer can find their perfect match. From petite and cute to colossal and grand, we have a pumpkin to suit every preference and need.

The Spooky Barn

Are you ready for a spine-tingling adventure this Halloween? Get ready for an unforgettable experience at our Spooky Barn! We are excited to announce that we are transforming our big barn into a chilling Halloween trail, specially designed to give kids a thrilling and fun-filled day.

Enter into our brand new barn where you will encounter four Halloween-themed rooms that are sure to give you goosebumps. Each room is uniquely designed to bring out the Halloween spirit and create a truly spooky atmosphere.

First up, brace yourself as you enter "Ghost Alley." Here, you will wander through a dark and misty room, with ghostly apparitions lurking around every corner. Are you brave enough to face the unknown?

Next, venture into the heart of darkness as you enter the "Witches Wardrobe." This room is filled with mysterious potions, broomsticks, and spell books. 

Make your way further into "Pumpkin World," a vibrant and colorful room where the Halloween spirit truly comes alive. Jack-o'-lanterns will light your path.

Finally you'll encounter 'Spiders Nest' where you will have to watch out for the eight-legged creatures lurking in the shadows.


Halloween Snack Shack!

Visit our our Halloween sweet shop, the ultimate treat haven for all the sweet-toothed Halloween enthusiasts. The Snack Shack will be a Halloween-themed sweet shop filled with an array of delectable treats, candies, and chocolates.

From creepy crawly gummies to lollipops and bscuits shaped like scary characters, the Snack Shack will have an extensive selection of Halloween-themed sweets that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Visit our decoration shop!

Looking to give your home a terrifyingly awesome makeover? Get in the Halloween spirit at our one-stop shop for all your spooky needs!

Whether you're into spooky ghosts, creepy skeletons, or wicked witches, we have the perfect decorations to create a hauntingly unforgettable Halloween experience!
We've got you covered with everything from eerie candles, haunted house props, and animatronic creatures that will send shivers down your spine.