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Enhance and maintain your garden with our wide range of gardening supplies. Discover top-quality compost, plant pots, mulch, irrigation, gardening tools, lawn care, watering equipment, decorative stones, outdoor ornaments, and much more. We offer a fast delivery & Cllick & Collect. Why not visit one of our garden centres in Scaynes Hill & Stone Cross?

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  1. Pour & Feed Ready To Use Plant Food
  2. All Purpose Liquid Plant Food
  3. Original Seaweed Extract
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    Original Seaweed Extract
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  4. All Purpose Organic Natural Liquid Fertiliser
  5. Organic Seaweed Plus Iron
    Organic Seaweed Plus Iron
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  6. Ericaceous Specialist Liquid Feed
  7. Super Enriched All Purpose Liquid Plant Food - 50% Extra free
  8. Jeyes Fluid
    Jeyes Fluid
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  9. Roseclear Ultra Ready To Use
  10. Bug Clear Ultra Gun Ready To Use
  11. Bug Free Bug and Larvae Killer Ready To Use
  12. Provanto Smart Bug Killer Ready To Use

Items 1-12 of 14