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Discover delicious fresh local produce, mostly made or grown in Sussex. Organic fruit and vegetables, local meats & dairy. We also have a wide range of Alcohol including beer, wine, and spirits. From local brewers such as Harvey's & Ridgeview vinery. Why not order weekly produce box deliveries with us? 

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10 Items

  1. Peter's Yard Original Sourdough Crispbread Bag
  2. Kallo Rice cakes Lightly Salted
  3. Kallo Corn Rice Cakes Chia Seeds
  4. Kalo Rice Cakes Spicy Chilli
    Kalo Rice Cakes Spicy Chilli
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  5. Kallo Rice Cakes Balsamic & Vinegar
    Out of Stock
  6. Millers Elements - Ale Crackers
  7. Millers Elements - Water Crackers
  8. Millers Elements - Earth Crackers
  9. Mrs Darlington English Mustard
  10. Cav & Harvey - Mixed Fruit Drops

10 Items