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Start collecting your Scandinavian family today with our fantastic festive Gonk selection. After a surge in popularity in these bushy-bearded creatures - this year range promises to be better and better. We have dankly Gonks, Gonk baubles, LED light-up name it.

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  1. Felt Dangly Gonks
    Felt Dangly Gonks
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  2. Nordic Gonk Decoration
  3. Grey Sitting Gonks
    Out of Stock
    Grey Sitting Gonks
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  4. Nordic Fur Gonk
    Nordic Fur Gonk
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  5. Nordic Dangly Legs Fur Gonks
  6. Gonks With Dangly Legs - Grey And Red
  7. Battery Operated Lit Snowflake Dangly Legs Gonks
    Out of Stock
  8. Battery Operated Lit Snowflake Splat Gonks
  9. Red / Grey Sitting Reindeer Gonk
  10. Battery Operated Lit Sitting Skandi Gonks
  11. Battery Operated Lit Dangly Legs Skandi Gonk
  12. Battery Operated Lit Skandi Gonks

Items 1-12 of 13