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Welcome to UpCountry Animals

Our friendly pet store is dedicated to providing you with a wide range of top quality products for your animals and pets.

Our big pets barn is located at our Scaynes Hill branch in Haywards Heath. Here you'll our find a vast selection of animal supplies for horses, goats, chickens along with all your favourite household pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters. We offer everything you need to keep them happy and healthy including bedding, grooming, healthcare and feed. Located at the barn, we also have our equestrian and country store located here which offers a wide range of country and riding clothing, along with tack and equipment.

Over in Stone Cross, East Sussex we have a smaller pet shop which offers all the essentials needed for your household pets. We also have an equestrian feed shop offering a vast selection of horse food, pony nuts and bedding

Household Pets

Our extensive pet shop offers everything you need for your loved ones. Whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it we'll provide them with everything they need to keep them healthy and strong. We stock all the major pet brands along with some specialised brands such as our raw and frozen dog food range.

Our product range includes healthcare, bedding, grooming supplies, toys, dog clothing, leads, treats & food. We are of course a dog-friendly store, so bring your canine pal in and receive a free treat, you can also weigh them in store too! Our dog pic 'n' mix is also extrememly popular amongst our canine customers.
Equestrian & Country Store

Our equestrian and country store is a secret gem, located in the heart of Sussex.

At our Scaynes Hill branch we stock everything for both riders and horses including equine bedding, tack, horse rugs, hi vis clothing, country attire and boots, horse feed and treats. We also have a wide range of riding clothing and footwear. You'll find all the top equestrian brands all including as Toggi, Dubarry, Ariat, Weatherbeeta, Horseware, HY Equestrian and more. At our Stone Cross branch we currently only offer horse feed and bedding. Check out our current product offering available at both garden centres.

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