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Rocket Gro BlackGold Peat Free Compost - 50l

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BlackGold is a rich natural potting compost, fine in texture, freshly
bagged, bio-active gardening wonder product that is the perfect all-round potting mix. 100% Peat free, Organic, and ready to plant straight into. BlackGold has the right structure and fibre content to provide the ideal amount of water retention and air balance to allow a strong healthy root structure to continue to develop. A blend of our soil improver and finely graded composted green waste produced in Somerset from carefully vetted suppliers.


  • Organic, Soil Association Approved.
  • Perfect for containers of any size
  • NPK 3.2 - 1.3 - 3.4
  • Feeds for 3 months
  • Finely graded
  • Made by Rocket Gro
  • 50l

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